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 Interview : JOHN RAMBO

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Date d'inscription : 22/06/2016

MessageSujet: Interview : JOHN RAMBO   Ven 23 Fév - 23:38

<22:35:56> "JOHN RAMBO": Hello
<22:36:31> "JOHN RAMBO": I feel compelled to thank you for this interview

<23:15:32> "Nano": Thank, you're the captain of Portugal, can you speak about Portugal preparation for this Nation's Cup ?

<23:41:14> "JOHN RAMBO": Well, since we haven't an active Real Soccer league in Portugal, we can't have the best preparation. We had to select the players bearing always in mind who still plays Real Soccer in another leagues and who presented results before.
<23:41:50> "JOHN RAMBO": Anyway we plan to do some friendly matches, in order to achieve the best shape possible to the competition.
<23:42:04> "JOHN RAMBO" vous envoie un poke

<23:47:12> "Nano": About competition, you played with the same squad last year, and you lost vs Poland at Final 1-0, why do you think Portugal don't win the first Nation's Cup on the Portugal history and lost this match ?

<23:52:12> "JOHN RAMBO": Well, I can talk about the experience Poland had that we hadn't
<23:54:09> "JOHN RAMBO": That really made the difference. In the goal kicks Poland was always very dangerous. I remember that we missed a 2v1 opportunity and in the next few minutes Poland scored a goal. Then we tried to attack and to pursuit the result but unfortunately, we weren't able to do that.

<23:56:06> "Nano": After your went to final last year, do you think, today, Portugal is favorite to win this Nation's Cup with Poland, Germany... ?

<23:59:12> "JOHN RAMBO": Well, Poland and Germany have to be the biggest favourites to win the NC. We can talk about the simple fact that this two Nations are the only (that I know) with active leagues. With the knowledge that we'll face one of this two nations in normally conditions in the QF, if we play what we can and be prepared I think that is possible to accomplish what we couldn't last year. However, having some players and the RS league in Portugal inactive, I can say that we are in the same position as the two nations that you previously mentioned.
<00:00:46> "JOHN RAMBO": I can't say*

<00:00:54> "Nano": Now, we will speak about your group : Turkey, Romania and Tunisia, how did you feel that ?

<00:03:46> "JOHN RAMBO": I don't feel that is an hard or a bad group. We won last year against Romania. About Turkey, we all know that is a good team, with a lot history in Haxball but is in my opinion easier than Germany for example. Tunisia already made good things before and is always a threat. After all, we have to do what we know and try to pass in the first place if possible without understimate any team.
<00:04:02> "JOHN RAMBO": underestimate*

<00:06:30> "Nano": Your first match is against Turkey, a good and very phisical team, your players are prepared to face it ? How you will play this first match ?

<00:09:18> "JOHN RAMBO": I have to admit, at the moment we don't know if we're totally prepared. You made a very good point there about Turkey. I expect an hard match. We will try to put our best players, hoping they're going to be all online. We will try to score as soon as possible and try to win the match. This match can decide the first place in the group and we're focused to overcome this obstacle.

<00:12:35> "Nano": If you pass to quarter final, what team you want to avoid ?

<00:15:50> "JOHN RAMBO": It has to be Poland or Germany.
<00:16:31> "JOHN RAMBO": Maybe we want to avoid Poland even more, since we had a bad experience last year.

<00:19:59> "Nano": We listen, there was some problems on Portugal squad, betwen you, TIAGO, and Element, it's right, can you explain us ?

<00:23:45> "JOHN RAMBO": Well, it wasn't big problems in fact. We just had some trouble to reach an agreement according to last players to be part in the national team.
<00:23:52> "JOHN RAMBO": I think there isn't more than it to be said.
<00:24:02> "JOHN RAMBO": to the last players*

<00:26:16> "Nano": Good, because to win a Nation's Cup, all the team must be collective and solidary

<00:26:47> "JOHN RAMBO": Yes, I agree with you, and I'm happy to say that we agreed in the final Squad and there are no more differences between us.

<00:28:08> "Nano": Did u do a schedule for you preparation ? Have you got friendlies matchs, if yes against what teams ?

<00:29:39> "JOHN RAMBO": In fact we haven't still friendly matches to play, but I think we will agree to be together in some dates, do some training and then search for the friendly matches.

<00:31:15> "JOHN RAMBO": Well, I'm leaving now

<00:31:23> "JOHN RAMBO": do you have another questions or its done xD

<00:31:33> "Nano": Portugal has on this squad, one of the more experimented player of all Nation's Cup : Element
<00:32:05> "Nano": Do you this Element give a lot of help to news players without experience ?
<00:32:09> "Nano": Think*

<00:32:47> "JOHN RAMBO": Yes, it's truth. He was captain from Portuguese team before and as far as I can remember he played in almost all NC. He has the experience in international leagues and can be a big plus and make the difference between being first, second or another position.

<00:33:29> "JOHN RAMBO": We can talk also about the game knowledge he has that can be important for the entire squad and not only for the new players.

<00:34:48> "JOHN RAMBO": Is it all? xD

<00:35:10> "Nano": Mr.Rambo, thank you, for this interview, and Good luck to Portugal for this Nation's Cup and your first match against Turkey saturday !

<00:35:47> "JOHN RAMBO": Thank you Nano. I enjoyed this interview and I gave it will all my pleasure. We will do our best in the NC. That I can assure you.
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Interview : JOHN RAMBO
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